Backup, Backup, Backup (and when you think you’re done backing up, back-up some more)!  We can’t stress this enough, especially when it comes down to this new threat (No, not a threat from a stalker or anything but pretty close to that).

The new threat called CryptoLocker is destroying computer data files such as pictures, videos, MS Word documents, and the like rendering them completely useless. Typically, this threat finds its way into the unsuspecting user’s computer through email attachments disguised as another file type, like a PDF, JPG, XLS, as well as other types. Its goal is to select random files such as pictures, documents, etc. and make them unusable by encrypting the files and making them unreadable. It then holds these files for ransom by demanding payment to decrypt the files. If the user does not pay by the deadline, the files then become unrecoverable. But don’t PAY!!!!!!! You still won’t get your files back. The virus CAN be removed… but there is no easy way to recover your files unless you had a backup – like through Carbonite.

Laptop with heavy chain and padlock.

There are preventative measures that can be taken to prevent this sort of infection. How? By simply ensuring that the file never gets run in the first place! Always use your User Account Control in Windows. This alerts you when an executable file is about to be run. If you click on an email attachment and the User Account Control pops up, you may be about to install a virus on your computer.

Another easy method is to ensure that user accounts are Standard User accounts and not Administrator accounts. The actual Administrator account should be used sparingly and password protected. When using a Standard User account, an Administrator password will be required to run or download any software. This is critical to protect the computer from secondary users carelessly downloading free files on the Internet without the owners permission. Contact Credo Technology Group Computer Security Analysis and Setup.

This time of year, receiving new technology as gifts are a great surprise and a welcomed gift. Credo Technology Group, LLC is always available to assist with new computer setups to ensure they are ready and secured for safe Internet use and maximum virus protection. One idea: Before activating your anti-virus protection that always comes with a new computer, consider getting the best protection from Comodo, with their Internet Security Complete Package. As an authorized retailer, Credo Technology Group, LLC offers discounted packages that include a $500.00 warranty against virus attacks from Comodo. Just another service from a local Reno computer repair shop.

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